How Joining an Advisor Network Can Help You Reach Success

financial advisor networks

Calling all independent financial advisors: you don’t have to go it alone.

Even though you’ve already taken the brave step to start your own business, build the kind of practice you believe in, and take on the clients you most want to help, that doesn’t mean you have to go down that path without any support.

Enter financial advisor networks (aka your most reliable support system and cost savings tool).

What is an Advisor Network?

As you probably already know, there is much more that goes into running your own firm than giving financial advice. All of a sudden you’re the head of operations, sales, marketing, technology, compliance, and more. And then, when these efforts finally lead to clients, you get to do the thing you set out to do in the first place: give financial advice.

An advisor network can help you with all of this. Many advisor networks host a profile page for you (putting you in front of their leads), help you with marketing your business, help you with compliance (and the costs that come with it), and more.

If you’re making the jump from large financial firm to starting your own business, you may wonder if joining yet another large group is worth it. After all, you’ve already had to deal with the fog of the financial services doctrine, which could leave a wariness hangover for many advisors. But if you find the right type of network (one in which the other network advisors are running the same kind of practice as you) then you can rest easy knowing that your values will line up.

If you’re entering into financial services right out of college or as a second career, then this type of network may be something you’ve never even heard of. But for someone just starting out, advisor networks can be a great tool to help you build your credibility, your name, and, ultimately, your practice.

As entrepreneurs, it’s not easy to ask for help. But that’s the beauty of financial advisor networks – it’s not just about getting help building your practice, it’s about access to tools and cost-savings that can mean success for your firm.

How Garrett Planning Network Can Help

There are a few advisor networks out there, but Garrett Planning Network is the one we call home. The Garrett Planning Network is a network for fee-only financial advisors. Our advisors believe in giving competent, objective financial advice to all those who are looking for it. We don’t buy into the financial service doctrine of needing to sell products to survive. We believe you can build a thriving practice without product sales, a practice that enables you to give truly objective advice.

If that sounds like the type of practice you’re looking to build, then read on to learn how Garrett Planning Network can help you:

  • Initial RIA registration and ongoing compliance support
  • Robust new member training materials and templates, as well as a live, 3-day workshop
  • Dedicated coaches in areas such as marketing, compliance, business planning, practice management, and technology
  • A community of more than 300 fee-only financial advisors
  • Discounts on tools you use for financial planning, marketing, compliance, operations and even discounted group E&O insurance

With Garrett Planning Network, you can get a full package of services that can help you grow your business beyond your existing network, cultivate you into the most successful financial advisor you can be, and (crucially) save you thousands of dollars annually on the costs it takes simply to run a registered investment advisor firm.

But even if  you don’t choose Garrett Planning Network, don’t force yourself to go it alone. There are tools out there to help you succeed and to not take advantage of them could cost you time, opportunity, and money. We know you’re out to build the kind of financial advisory firm you can be proud of – and the right advisor network can help you do it.

Image Credit: Daniela Cuevas

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