Is Financial Advising the Right Career for You?

One of the great tragedies of adulthood can be the letdown of expectations – especially in our careers.

When we’re kids, we imagine being dancers and firefighters and magicians and doctors. We give hardly a thought to the reality of those jobs, but instead focus on the output: we get to perform, to fight fires, to create magic, to save lives.

The funny thing is, we don’t necessarily start to see the reality of the jobs as we get older. Instead, we focus on the dream and give all of our time and effort into making it happen (and, through education, we also give much of our money).

Here are the things we don’t see until we actually do the jobs: the physical pain or short career span of a dancer, how much hurrying up and waiting a firefighter does (and the toll the life threatening nature of the job has on their family), the difficulty in making it financially as a magician, the small amount of time a doctor gets with their patients (and the amount of their earnings that will go to things like malpractice insurance).

None of these things have to make or break our careers, but they’re important to know when making a major life decision. At the very least, we should go into our chosen careers knowing the good and bad, knowing whether we want to spend our day-to-day lives doing what those jobs entail, and being able to prepare for the more challenging aspects of the job (both emotionally and practically).

With all that said, if you’re thinking of starting or switching into a career of financial advising, then there’s a lot you should know before you begin. That way you can determine if every aspect of the job is what you expected – and if financial advising is the right career for you.

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What is Fee-Only Financial Planning?

We’ve been talking a lot about the different types of financial planning there are lately, and it’s no secret that we hold a special place in our hearts for fee-only financial planning. But if you’re new to the world of financial planning and all that it entails, you’re probably wondering why.

The simple answer: fee-only financial planning = no third party compensation conflicts.

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Financial Advice is More Than Investing, Much More

The advancement of technology and emergence of robo-advisors have ignited discussion about the future of human financial advisors. Advisors are divided: some see robo-advisors as a threat to their livelihood, while others welcome the technology with open arms. The wide range of views can be attributed to the broad definition of financial advice.

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A New Approach to Financial Services (Hint: Not a Competition)

If you started your career in financial services at a large brokerage, then you were probably taught to be competitive. It’s an eat what you kill world – and this can come as a huge shock for anyone who set out to help people.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Financial advisors don’t have to compete to succeed. Financial advisors don’t have to sell products to survive. Financial advisors can build long, sustainable careers that enable them to empower others financially while also reaching their own financial goals.

There’s a new way to approach financial services – and it isn’t the competitive way.

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